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Giovanni Battista Rea was born in 1980 in Rome into an eclectic family of recognized artists (maternal grandmother Rosina Wachtmeister, paternal grandfather Ermanno Rea). His artistic studies began in Germany, at the Höhr Grenzhausen Ceramic School and one of the oldest ceramic factories in Westerwald dating back to 1600, called Der Schlondes.

His passion for ceramics transmitted thanks to Rosina, in Germany became a profession and in 2000 he returned to Capena in Italy and opened the "Wachtmeister Werkstatt" laboratory, recognized by the Lazio Region as a "Highly Aesthetic and Cultural Artisan Company", specializing in the of ceramics understood as a form of combination of sculpture and the art of mosaic applied to original projects ranging from indoor furnishings, garden design to the creation of urban works of art. In the laboratory he carries out various courses, workshops and symposiums applying different ceramic processing techniques, including the Raku technique of Japanese origin where he specializes in 2018.

Nature pervades his artistic creation, in perfect continuity with Rosina. Numerous urban redevelopment works starting from ceramic and mosaic installations in the historic center of Capena, Settebagni, Monterotondo, Carsoli (Abruzzo). In Rome he installs the playground "IL DRAGO SPIRO", 20 meters long and 2.5 meters high, sponsored by the Lazio Region and in Capena, together with the Hungarian artist Hervé Loranth Ervin collaborates for the installation of "Il Momento", a giant 9 meters high.

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