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The two sisters Gabriella Musumeci (Gabila) and Caterina Bizzarri are the driving forces behind the successfully renowned brand “Rosina Wachmeister Licensing” (RWL).  Gabila and Caterina work together in securing and maintaining working relationships with their business partners to ensure the success and growth of RWL. 

Through their efforts RWL is currently distributed across 9 countries (Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, France, England, Czech Republic, New Zealand and Russia) and plans are underway for the expanding distribution globally and an online web shop.  

What could these two step-sisters with different father's and a 21 year age difference possibly have in common?

The answer is quite easy, the love they share for their mother:
artist, designer and sculptor Rosina Wachtmeister  

Another shared interest that unites the two sisters is their commitment to making sure that their mother's artwork is recognized beyond the charming Italian village of Capena where Rosina presently resides.

Rosina Wachtmeister
Catherine Bizzarri
"The Realist"
Gabriella Musumeci (Gabila)
"The Artist"

Heading 1

Considering that Caterina grew up in a family of artists and dreamers you'd think that she would've developed a talent of her own in the arts as well.  However her attempts in art during her school years resulted in nothing but minor frustrations and confusion around the fact that she had more of a talent for Math instead!

Considered “odd one out”, Caterina was more the family oriented type, thoughtful and “down-to-earth” with a traditional Italian style upbringing thanks to her Nonna (grandmother) Lalla.

Today Caterina is more hands on with the family business.   She manages the more day to day operations for RWL which includes administrative duties like updating the website, company finances and keeping track of orders and requests from their distributors. 

In the last years Caterina has also discovered that she is an expert mover after having moved 8 times across 3 countries!  Today she manages a household of 4 children (Mario, Luna, Leonardo and Alessandro), 2 cats and a handsome Italian husband all in the charming Dutch city of Amsterdam.  

Although related and having created a partnership in support of the family business, both Gabila and Caterina couldn't be more different.
Introducing the Wachtmeister step-sisters:

Gabila is the elder sister and unlike Caterina she is an artist! Impulsive and passionate, she takes after her father Paolo Rissone, a famous painter. Today Gabila is both a painter and a graphic designer. 

 Exposed at a young age to the arts scene via her parents' arts and crafts shop in Rome, Gabila quickly realized that she too could create her own artwork.

Gabila started selling her artwork (alongside her parents) in the evenings on Piazza Navona square.   Later she decided to study music at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

Gabila continues to work with her business partner of 15 years, Michael Becker who now supports the branding efforts behind “Rosina's Finest” (organic cat food collection). 

Another addition to the RWL brand includes works from Gabila's talented son Giovanni Battista (who happens to be the same age as his aunt Caterina. Long story…)! He works together with his Nonna Rosina to create sculptures of all shapes and sizes.  Gabila's daughter Beatrice is younger and lives in Rome. 


Today Gabila resides in Capena (near her mother), an ancient village  north of Rome surrounded by the beautiful countryside.

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